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Antes (Online Poker)

An 'ante' in online poker is a forced bet, similar in objective to what the big and small blind accomplish. The blinds are automatic or forced bets that the two players to the left of the dealer button make to ensure there is something in each pot. This ensures that there is motivation for players to get involved in a pot. Whilst blinds exist in cash games and tournaments, the ante only exists (normally) in the tournament arena and are posted by every player, unlike the blinds.

As we know, in cash games the value of the blinds are constant. Where a table have £2-£4 limits, this is the size of the big and small blind and does not normally change, under normal circumstances. In tournaments, the blinds increase periodically, so as the tournament progresses, there is more and more incentive to play and also more pressure to play. With each rise of blinds, players stacks take more of a hit. Antes only start at a certain level in a tournament, normally into the mid to late stages. This means that the two to the left of the dealer would be posting the blinds and everyone would be posting the antes, regardless of their position relative to the dealer.

This makes the game more exciting and tempts more players into the pot. As in any poker game, the more money in the pot, the more aggressive the betting attempts to win the pot. The blinds and antes merely add to this effect, which in turn makes the game more dramatic.

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