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'The button' or 'dealer button' is used in online poker and live games. It is usually a circular disk (although you can use any object) that indicates who's turn it is to post the blinds. The two players to the left of the button post the big blind and small blind. The button is also used to determine the order in which cards are dealt. From a strategic standpoint, the button is used to indicate a players position in terms of the order of play. This is important and you will often hear about early, middle and late position in a poker hand.

Early position are the positions to the left of the players who posted the blinds - these players would be first to act. Those last to act would be said to be in late position and would have positional advantage over those in early, as they get to see what the table does before they bet.

Each new hand, the button moves round the table clockwise so that no players are disadvantaged. If there are 10 players players in the game, you will have to post the blinds (big and small) every 10 hands, and you will have been in early, middle and late position, as will all other players through the space of 10 hands played.

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