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Study Poker & Why It's Important

Defining the befits of studying poker can to many seem routinely obvious, in the same way that studying for a degree of professional qualification is a good idea. When you study the game of poker you will be improving your application of strategy and your overall game skills. Much like anything we do in life, we get better when we do things. The more we do things, over time we become more skilled. Whether it's a game, a sport, our job ...anything. There is always a fair amount of debate about whether poker is a game of skill. Let me assure you it is. There is a lot of debate certainly in the US as the minute poker is recognized as a game of skill, many of the gambling laws wouldn't apply. Without getting too entangled in the 'is it', 'isn't it' debate. Let's look at the facts. The top players regularly are the biggest earners and feature on the final tables both live and online. Coincidence or skill? It has to be skill or everyone would be doing it. Yes there's an element of luck but there is a great deal of skill. The fact that some players are better than others speaks volumes.


So now that we know there is a great amount of skill, we know that practice will improve our game. As is the case with more players, if you look over time, you will see that wins were limited early on and over time, results get better and better. This is a true indication of the progression that a dedicated player can expect, as with anything. You can do this by learning more about your game of choice in conjunction with any number of the useful tools out there.


What resources are there to help be learn poker?

These days, the resources are limited given the awesome power of the internet. Information is just a few clicks away. There are blogs and forums where players regularly discuss all kinds of things related to the game, from how to play certain hands, strategies and their, well everything. There are many good books out there that give insight into how some of the greatest poker players have made it to where they are. These are a great way to understand how players have made it to the heights they have. Many of these books go over the hundreds of different strategies, the math behind the game, the psychology of the game and much more.


There are also many tools that are available these days, that 10 years ago weren't available to players. Here is a look at some of them.


Hand Converters 
Hand converters take information about the game from the card rooms and convert it into a user-friendly version which not only helps players look at their game in more detail, and should help in getting better results.  The hand converters acts as a translator and presents data into a simple and convenient data sheet which helps the player analysis the strategy they are using, which is much easier to see what's working and what isn't. Moreover, converters also help the game players see results and hands from their previous games, and their opponent’s game history. Thus, hand converters not only help the players play their game with ease by providing card room data in a simple format, but they also help players get an idea of what changes might be required to improve their game.


Odds Calculators
Odds calculators help calculate the odds of winning a poker game. The first odds calculator was called Poker Probe, and it was invented in 1990 by Mike Caro. Currently there are many programs available that calculate the chances and probability of winning a game. In short, poker odds calculators do the math for you and will tell you the outs you have, the odds of making your hand and the pot odds. Some are better at this than others but all have a use. Of course these are for playing poker online. Such tools are not allowed in brick and mortar games.


Bots are robots that gaming companies sometimes allow people to play, in order to gain experience as poker players. Of course, these are not allowed in any poker room, at least for paying customers. As with anything, there are plenty of cheats out there and there are people who will be using poker bots to try and play poker unmanned. This is one to know about but not to try - it can get you into trouble first and foremost and secondly, it's unethical and cheating.


Data Mining Tools
Data mining tools are also known as “hand grabbers,” and they are used to record information from games that are being played, despite the absence of a player. This data then is transferred to a file and used whenever it is essential or required. Thus the virtual card room has its own set of tools which enable players to get better statistics from their games and their own performance. As online poker game increases in popularity, there will be more software and programs developed in order to make games more interesting and easier to play. As a result, people will continue to enjoy playing online poker games and you will be able to better develop your understanding of the game and your skills.


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