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'Aggressive' Players - Online Poker

An 'aggressive poker player' is simply used to describe how heavily an opponent is betting into opponents. There are many different styles of poker that can be played. A player can be passive, in which they play a much tighter game (they wait for good hands). These players stick to premium hands and tend only to defend blinds and the pot when they have something. On the flip side, these players seem to have one thing on their mind - attack! These players are not scared to mix it up, will raise and re-raise many pots, especially against passive players who they know will fold more than times than not.

Poker players that have an additional level of aggression will see lots of flops and are often the first to bet into a pot. As such, much of the time they will be playing with very average cards, relying on their aggression to drive others out of the pot. This is a very effective style of play, however it is also far easier to extract money from these players when you have the cards. Out and out aggression only works if played well and against the right players.

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