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All-in, also known as 'moving all in', 'shoving' and 'pushing' refers to a bet in which a player bets everything he has in his stack towards the pot. If a player has £100 on the table and announces 'all in', he would be betting his entire £100 stack. push is seen as an indication of strength and is aimed at either getting the remainder of players to fold (thus taking down the pot) or to prevent players from chasing draws. This is particularly important if there are danger cards on the board. Of course it can also be played deceptively with a monster in the hope that opponents call. At the same time, it can be simply to pick up the blinds.

The danger with the push varies between cash games and tournaments. In a cash game, players are more likely to push all in, whereas in a tournament, more care has to be taken. In a tournament, when your chips are gone the result is more permanent. In a cash game you can always reload. Whilst betting all your chips presents the easiest way to double up, it's also the easiest way to be sent packing.

An all in bet doesn't change the betting principles and other players would still have to match the highest bet made to stay in the hand. So, if a player bet £20 into a £80 pot, and the next player to act pushed all in for £100, the player who bet £20 would then have to call another £80 (to match the £100) to stay in the hand. If the player calling the shove had more than £100, he would still only need to match the £100 bet (to call the bet) to stay in the hand.

An important point to remember is that if there are still more players in the hand, a side pot would be started. The player who bet all in can only win the money contributed to the pot up to the point he declared all in. Anything subsequently bet would be between any remaining players.

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