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Draw (Poker)

A 'draw' is the term used when a player has a 'nearly made hand', only needing one more card to make a potentially winning hand. Let's look at a few examples in a standard game of Hold'em. A player has As Qs in his hand and there are another two spades dealt on the flop, he would have a flush draw, only requiring one more spade card to make the ace high flush (which is 5 cards of any one suit). This is known as a 'Flush Draw'. Similarly, if a player held 8-9 and the flop came 10-J-2, the player would have a straight draw, requiring either a 7 or Q to make a straight. He would be said to have a 'Straight Draw'.

A player can have multiple draws as in the next example. If the same player holds As Qs and the flop comes 10s- Js- 2h, he would have a draw for a Royal Flush (A-K-Q-J-10 spades) and a Flush Draw, meaning if any other spade hit, he would have an ace high flush. It wouldn't be the nut flush as a player would potentially hold 8s - 9s and have a draw to a 'Straight Flush'.

Betting the Draw

It is very common for players to bet their draws, in essence betting a draw is a semi-bluff. As there are cards that can come that can make the hand, in the event the hand is made, it makes sense to build the pot. Also checking down a hand then suddenly betting when the hand is made is unlikely to get paid off.

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