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Baby Flush (Online Poker)

A 'Baby Flush' isn't a regularly used term whether playing live or poker online. It refers to a lower valued flush that has the potential to be beaten by a bigger one (.i.e. not the nut flush). A flush is five cards of the same suit in any one hand. The best possible flush is an ace high flush, for example A-4-6-8-9, all of the same suit. A Baby Flush would be any lower level flush - for example a 9 high flush (9-7-4-3-2).

This is always the risk in playing both rag suited cards or lower value face cards. When you hit a flush, it's often hard to lay the hand down in the face of aggression. This is one of the key reasons solid players know not to put themselves in these situations regularly and when they do find themselves in the spot, they are quick to know when they are behind.

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