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Ajax - Online Poker Hand

Ajax is the term for the pre flop Hold'em starting hand Ace - Jack (AJ). This is a premium starting hand however whether you play the hand is largely dependent on the betting before the action gets to you and your position at the table. This isn't a hand that you would want to play in early position, unless you are on a very passive table. It's a great hand to play from middle or late position, especially if the action folds to you.You would (should) seriously consider folding to a big bet or a re-raise, as it is likely behind.

It is another hand that gets players into trouble. It looks way better than it actually is. AK and AQ have an AJ in a world of trouble - the reason bet sizes and position are so important - you need to be able to recognise when the betting suggests it is likely behind. You don't want to have to call a bet on the flop, turn and river to find out you are dominated. 22 is statistically a favorite over AJ and you wouldn't play 2-2 from early when faced with real aggression. Play it with care.

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