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Are Online Poker Players more 'Passive'?

'Passive' is a style of play which is the reverse style from that of an aggressive player. Where an aggressive player plays with almost any two cards and is continually playing out of position, raising and re-raising opponents, a passive player is highly selective about the hands he plays.

Online poker players tend to be more aggressive on the whole although the ability to multi table online keeps highly aggressive players more passive than they would otherwise be. Players will tend to operate outside of their comfort zones online as they can hide behind a virtual entity which means they come out firing a lot more.

It is fairly easy to spot a passive player. They are aptly named as they appear passive in terms of wanting to get involved in the game. They are very selective about the starting hands they get involved with and are more likely to avoid chasing cards and raising, unless they have a premium hand. These players play by the book and wait for top hands and are easy to spot at the table. A player isn't going to have much success sticking to a passive style of play wholesale. A successful player would be looking to mix it up and change gears, sometimes passive, sometimes aggressive keeping opponents guessing.

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