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To 'Advertise' ones hand in poker is again fairly literal in meaning. Playing a successful game requires an opponent to keep their opponents guessing as to what they hold and how they are playing the hand. This often means representing a strong hand when you are weaker and appearing weak when you have a monster. Successful players are able to do this well to induce other players into the hand. Representing strength may get your opponents to fold and win you the pot. When you have a strong hand, you want induce your opponents in the pot - you can play your hand in a certain way to encourage this to happen..

As such a player can advertise a level of strength on purpose or by accident. The accidental type isn't a great place to be as you will likely get action you don't necessarily want. Often this isn't an intentional tell.

A player is said to 'advertise' their hand when they are giving away tells as to what they might hold and information into their strategy. If a player continually shows the bluff, they are advertising that they are firstly very loose, possibly even reckless, and secondly that they are raising with any two cards. This is important information - being able to distinguish from the really solid players who generally raise with the goods and the LAGs who just can't help themselves is key.

In order to get people to fold, your opponents need to believe you have the hand you are representing. Whilst advertising your style of play is not traditionally seen as a winning strategy, it can be when it is an intentional move to deceive your opponents.

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