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Picking an online poker brand: 5 criteria to consider

Having a lot of options is never a bad thing, but it can get kind of tricky to make a well-thought decision, especially when it concerns making many online comparisons. Picking an online poker brand is no exception and with all the poker rooms available nowadays, you might not know where to start. As the online gambling industry is a highly competitive one, making the right choice can give you some advantages which shouldn't be ignored.


To make things easier for you, we have listed 5 important criteria you’ll need to consider when picking your online poker brand. For more information on the best brands available, please check out this dedicated onlinepoker website. Our top list of poker brands will save you a lot of time.

Rake and fees

When picking your poker brand, always make sure you take rake and tournament fees into account. In order to make a complete decision you’ll need to take a look at the net cost. It is important that some rooms charge more than others. Bear in mind that most poker rooms don’t advertise their rake, but luckily, it’s not hard to calculate the rate yourself. With some easy calculations you’ll make sure that you make a well-informed decision. Over time the amount of rake and fees you pay will add up so getting it right from the start can be a big help on the bank balance.

Loyalty programs

A lot of poker rooms work with loyalty reward programs. In some loyalty or VIP programs, you earn points for every deposit you make, taking you to a higher level as you play more. Generally, a higher level automatically will lead to benefits like cash bonuses, gifts or direct access to tournaments. Make sure you check out the welcome and loyalty bonuses also as these can be sizeable in some established rooms. Most big poker rooms have very good loyalty program - but some are better than others.

Go for a website with soft poker

This one obviously depends on your level, but for most players it is recommended that they go for a website that offers soft poker (not full of sharks!). The reason for this is to be able to decide for yourself if you are able to meet or beat the website’s average poker players. Our advice would be to try out a poker brand for a few weeks and draw your conclusion whether you fit in or not. You could always make use of the bonus to test a new poker brand.

Easy withdrawal terms

One of the most important criteria is the brand’s policy on deposits and withdrawals. Do some research by checking both withdrawal times and limits. You don’t want to play on a website that doesn’t let you withdraw your wins in a reasonable timeframe. Luckily most brands will have their withdrawal terms and conditions listed on their website so that you know what to expect.

Double check platform

Some platforms are not available in every country, leading to some difficulties if you move between countries, but want to continue playing. The same holds for playing on the go, you might want to play while you’re on the move, meaning that a poker brand’s service needs to be fully functional on a mobile phone as well. Nowadays, most brands do allow you to use their websites or dedicated app on every device but this is worth checking to make sure it fits your needs.


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