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Choosing an Online Poker Room

Choosing an online poker room is a little like giving your wife a credit card to your account. Taking the decision to do it might seem like the right move but without knowing what you're letting yourself in for, there may be a few shocks round the corner. Believe it or not, there are well over 1,000 online poker rooms, some well known and others not, which makes the choice a little tricky. Choosing a big brand is a fairly safe bet but might not be the most profitable for you. You should be maximizing your return, so the big sites aren't always the sensible choice as the best players litter these sites.


If you're going to give the credit card, at least know what her intentions are - that way, there are no surprises. Making a selection doesn't have to be a challenge - there are many different factors to be considered across the many different online poker sites that are available. This guide will look at some of the factors that are sensible for you to consider.


Poker Room Selection Requirements

Understanding your requirements is important as different poker rooms offer different spoils. Some have high traffic, some don't. Some only offer a few of the popular game types, some offer more. Some sites are better suited to small stakes players whilst some are geared towards the ninjas of the poker world. What are you looking for? A good starting point is looking at what games you like to play. Are you a 5 Card Stud Player, Hold'em or do you like Razz? You may be surprised to hear that not all sites offer 5 Card Stud and even fewer, Razz. Is sign up bonus important to you? Poker rooms are like any choice in brand. You are not going to like them all and whilst some are cheaper thank others, cheaper doesn't always mean the right choice.


Player traffic across poker rooms

Traffic is an important area of consideration. Perhaps you like 5 Card Stud and the room of your choice offers it, great. Or is it? What if there are only ever a handful of players playing Stud Poker at any one time. You'll spend all your time waiting on the lobby for games to start. . It goes without saying that there are many advantages to playing at a room with higher traffic. Firstly the higher the number of players, the better the bonuses, the more promotions and bigger prize pools there are. There will also be more fish (although more difficult to find) and better value tournaments. Ok, there will also be a higher number of better players also - but there are ways to avoid these players. Additionally, more established rooms likely have better software and features along with a better loyalty program, which is all good for you. In short, the more money being made by any given site, the more money that is given back to it's players to help player retention.


Pokerstars is a perfect example with the highest traffic of any online poker room. Pokerstars are not in a network, however regularly see over 300,000 players playing at any one time. As a result, the value in tournaments is incredible. There are not many other sites that offer million dollar tournaments for a $20 buy in or $75,000 guaranteed tournaments for a $1 rebuy. On the flip side, whilst they offer incredible prize pools and player rewards, there are usually thousands of players in these tournaments, which isn't to everyone's liking. It's another example of why you need to understand your own personal requirements.


The benefit of playing on a site with lower player traffic is that there are far less players of real substance as the prize pools and rewards are less enticing. It is also much easier to find these chumps which is good business for everyone (well, except the chumps).


Variation in games on offered by Poker Sites

Online, most of the traffic is centered within Hold'em and Omaha however there is a relatively big spread of games that are available as you look from one site to the next. If you are interested in one of the big 2 and don't really venture outside these games, you will be fine, whatever your choice - all sites offer them. If you do like to try your hand at other games, it is certainly worth checking to see which rooms offer your game or choice. Additionally, the types of tournaments and ring games that are offered for your game of choice is important as there is variance. Additional to that, some sites are better for Sit'N'Go tournaments. Some offer CAP ring games and some don't. If you are a heads up player, the traffic varies, quite considerably.


It really all comes back to what you're looking for. Checking firstly whether they offer your game is goal #1. Second to that, do you like playing no limit variations, limit or pot limit? These aren't on offer across all sites, so it's worth checking. Make a list of all the things that you would expect to have, and from there you won't be disappointed.


Online Poker Bonuses on Offer

Whether it's a welcome bonus, a monthly loyalty bonus or free entry into a tournament, bonuses and welcome packages should always be a consideration at the start. If you're going to be playing, you may as well take the free incentives on offer, in the same way as it would be sensible to use a Nectar Card if you are shopping in the places that give you points. Whether poker, buying a car or shopping at a particular brand, brand loyalty is something that is always rewarded, so take advantage of the free offerings. At, we take our promotions and value offerings very seriously and do our level best to ensure that you get the right level of variety in sites being offered and the best bonus package on offer for each site.


How much does it cost to try a site?

When you buy something from a shop, you usually have a 30 day money back guarantee or some other guarantee, just in case you don't like what you've bought. You don't need one in the poker world. When you download a poker room client and register an account, you are not under any obligation to play for real money, whatsoever. You don't have to make a deposit if you don't want (or give any credit card details) to and are free to take a look round the room at no cost. It makes sense to have a look around in the same way as you would look around a shop before buying anything.


If you don't like it, go to your start menu, then control panel, select add / remove programs and delete it. It couldn't be simpler.


Ok so how do i get started?

We have a number of the sites that represent real value. Have a read through our reviews to get a little more feel for what's on offer. Using any of the links on our site, visit the site and download the software. Once it's downloaded you will need to register an account. Please remember to use any bonus codes that we offer to ensure that you get the bonus that is available to all our visitors. From there, your done. Play at the free tables or make a deposit and get hold of some of the many rewards available to depositing players.


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