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Why Poker Players love Sports Betting

Poker players love the competition. The challenge of taking down a big score. It's no real surprise that most poker players like the odd flutter. There's a reason some of the biggest poker brands come fully equipped with their own sports betting facilities.

If you are a sports fan, the chances are you have placed a bet on your favorite team or competition at least once. The online revolution has made it so accessible it has revolutionized the industry and has opened what was already a massive market, a truly global one. The ease of play is very similar in attraction to that of poker. You can be in the action whether you are out on a night out or sitting on your couch. With the online expansion, operators, whether poker or sportsbetting, have had to up their game to attract players. This has seen rise to some new features such as in-play betting, which allows you to play on events that are under way.

Whilst there are a large number of poker sites, there are even more bookmakers online - it can be a challenge to navigate your way to a reputable site. If you are still unsure about where to play, is the perfect place to learn more about how it works in addition to comparing the best offers around.

Different bookmakers have different markets and whilst some have better software than others, there are some really juicy markets that can be found in even the most obscure bookmakers - so it's worth shopping around for the best fit. Although you can make hundreds of different wagers on various sports, all bets are either traditional (ante-post) bets or in-play (live betting). Let’s take a look at the differences between the two options.

Traditional Bets

The short definition is that these are all wagering options that you can choose before a particular match or event starts. Traditional bets are what all bookmakers used to offer and have been around from the start. At first, you had a fairly limited number of options – you could select the match winner or the number of goals that both teams will score. In the last decade this has exploded - the increase in different markets is now extensive. You can pretty much bet on anything from the most corners ina football match to the time of a red card. Whats even better, you can place accumulator bets which see the odds multiplied if the bet comes in. That means betting on 3 matches and correctly predicting the result where the odds on each match are 5/1, would result in odds of 125/1 (5x5x5) - so placing a $5 stake would return you $625. It's a wonder the concept is so appealing.

Live Betting

As the name suggests, live or in-play betting means that you are placing bets on sports events that are currently in progress. They are only available once a match starts and the odds may change from one minute to another depending on what happens in the event. Some bookmakers even allow you to watch the events you choose for wagering thanks to their streaming service, which means you are really interactive.
Live bets are particularly popular when playing via mobile phones as they enable you to place a wager almost instantly regardless of where you are. also compares the top-rated bookmakers that support smartphones and have the most attractive bonuses.

Traditional Vs. Live Bets – Which to Choose?

Let’s take a look at some pros of traditional betting:

• A huge selection of sports markets – whether you are a classic football fan watching top European leagues or a love of handball, the best bookies out there will have you covered.
• Take time to think – you will certainly have a minute or two to analyze a particular event you consider interesting for betting.
• Place a bet around the clock – log into your account and place a wager at any time of day and night.
• Set odds - there are set odds that don't move too much before the game starts (with the exception of a few markets).
• Seeing the favorites - before the game, you can see who the bookmakers think is the favorite. Of course this doesn't mean that's who's going to win but it should feature in your calculations on which way to bet. When the game is started, a number of things could happen that skew the odds one way or another.

As for in-play bets, here are their advantages:
• Make evaluation-based decisions – watch the event live and place wagers based on your evaluation of how the match will unfold. It's considerably easier to judge who might win when you are watching the game live!
• Offering more excitement than traditional bets – with live events, everything can change in the blink of an eye, which means you need to think and act quickly. This adds to the excitement.
• Turn a losing bet into a winning one – if you see you bet the wrong way with a traditional wager, you can make things right with a live one. It gives you the opportunity to bet on the fly and lay off bets when in the position to do so.

In-play bets mostly cover only a limited portion of events daily, but the expansion of the industry motivates bookmakers to include more matches in their live offering every day.

Ultimately, it comes down to your preference, but let us ask you one question – why do you feel the need to pick one? The majority of top-rated bookmakers, offer both standard and in-play bets, which means that you can mix and match any way you see fit. If necessary, you can even register accounts with multiple bookmakers to ensure you are taking advantage of the best markets they have to offer.


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