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Poker Downtime - Crucial Tips for Betting Online

Even the best poker players, whether live or online need downtime. A break from it all. Time away doing something else to re-charge the batteries. It is also sometimes a good thing to take a break from poker when things aren't going your way. Some of the big poker sites have casinos and bookmakers and one of the reasons they are so successful is that they attract a huge amount of business from poker players.

If you do find your way to any of the many online bookmakers, this guide will keep you right in terms of some tips to getting your money in good and maximizing your chances of placing a winning bet. First things first - there is no such thing like a perfect bet. However, designing a betting strategy and combining various wagering types and options can get you one step closer to winning. The vast selection of online bookmakers makes it available to mix and match platforms for different wagers.

You can always check Efirbet to learn more about what the top bookmakers have on offer. They show a ton of bookmakers and compare offerings. For now, lets take a look at some essential tips to keep in mind when betting online. These can take your strategy to the next level and boost the chances of winning.

#1: Try to Make Informed Bets

We all have favorite sports and competitions. Some of us prefer Premium League football while others enjoy watching tennis or basketball. When it comes to what sports are covered, you can bet on e-sports and table tennis! The list is endless. When choosing which bet to make, take advantage of the information you already know. The more information you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to succeed. The concept is no different to poker. We already know we dont need the best hand to win. We also know that the more information you collect in a particular hand - the more chance is that you will play the hand the right way and win the pot.
Do not rely on pure luck and give it your best to make informed bets. While that is not a guarantee of success, it will increase your chances in the long run.

#2: Go with the Best Odds

Once you have selected the desired event and bet type, it is time to place the wager. Before that, you should analyze at least several betting platforms and identify the best odds for the given event. Odds directly affect your potential winnings and can increase or decrease them significantly. It is a wise move to have available funds on multiple betting sites as the odds can vary.
For example, one provider can have better odds for tennis and another one for football. The situation may change the next day, which is why you need to keep track of the odds at all times and try to maximize your winnings. Whilst it may take a little time to look around, if you have a bet in mind, it can add to your bankroll to shop around in the same way you would when trying to buy anything. Consider reading bookmaker reviews and finding out more about the bookies offering the highest odds out there.

#3: Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

If you plan to register on multiple platforms (and you should have better options at picking odds), why not utilize bonus offers provided by bookmakers? Bookies are aware that the competition is fierce out there and they put in a lot of effort to attract new players to their platform.

The most frequent options include:
• First-time deposit bonuses - this means you will get a bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit. The bonus is usually released as you bet. The more you bet, the more you will earn for free. The concept is the same at online poker sites.
• Subsequent deposit bonuses - these are offered each month to keep players on their platform and they do change month on month.
• Free Bets - these are as they sound. Often you will be given a free bet to place as you choose.
• Cashback - this means you will earn back a proportion of the money you spend. Not all bookies offer this so if this is appealing, do your homework and shop around.
• Reward programs - every major bookmaker has a rewards program, much like every major retail brand would have one. This helps player retention levels and gives a little back to players for their loyalty.
A website like Efirbet can help you find the most attractive bonuses out there. Their detailed list of bookmakers and their promotional offers will make it easy to pick the one you feel the most suitable. Make sure to be familiar with the wagering requirements, as well as minimum deposit amounts.

#4: Do Not Forget In-Play Betting

Ante-post betting is still the most popular option, but in-play of live betting is the recent trend that many choose to utilize. It allows you to wager on the events that are in progress, such as live football matches or other sports sessions. Picking a bookmaker with a streaming service gives you the option of watching the match live. Based on how things unfold, you can make smart predictions and boost the chances of winning.

In-play betting is a feature that players mostly utilize on their smartphones - but note - not all bookies offer this. Many bookmakers allow live bets to be placed via a specialized platform app or through a mobile-friendly website.


There is nothing that helps tailor the perfect wagering strategy more than experience. However, if you are only starting, these are the tips you should follow to increase winning chances. Playing on multiple gaming sites and taking advantage of bonus offers and promotions will raise available funds and the number of bets you can make, which further assists in securing a profit.


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