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Under the Gun - Poker Position

When a player is 'Under the Gun', he is first to act once cards are dealt. In other words, the player will be sitting on the left of the player who has posted the big blind. This position is seen as the most disadvantaged spot in the hand, as they have far less information with which to make the decision on whether to get involved in the hand.

Information is a huge advantage in poker. A player who is in late position will get to see what all other players do before they decide how to play the hand. If there is a host of all ins, a marginal hand such as A-10 will look weak, by comparison to the same hand when the action folds to them. Players in early position, especially the player 'under the gun', will not have this luxury, the reason why it is seen as the worst position to play in. For this reason, the closer to the button a player is, the stronger a hand they should need to get involved.

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