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A 'Tight' Playing Style - Online Poker

'Tight' is a word used to describe a player who does not play a lot of hands. Tight poker players are very selective about the hands they get involved with and usually wait for premium hands before getting involved. This would be the opposite of a loose player that has much looser starting hand requirements. It very much depends on the players willingness to gamble it up. Each time a player enters a pot, they are risking an amount of chips by doing so. Tight players tend to be very risk adverse whilst their looser counterparts have a greater tendency to get involved.

Tight play isn't seen as the way to profitability in poker - at least not on it's own. The need to mix it up and change gears is important. Successful players master when to change gear and depending on the opposition and situation will shift between a tight or aggressive game. If the table is playing very tight, it is a perfect opportunity to become more aggressive and play more hands. Playing at a table with a load of nut jobs, probably isn't the time to try to win with your 7-2 off suit.

Player styles tend to adopt elements of loose play and tight play and are referred to as tight aggressive players or TAGs. This simply means that they change gears and switch between the two regularly. This is a great strategy as it keeps your opponents guessing. Players who play a tight game all the time, become very predictable. Firstly their blinds will become easy to pick up. If you know that a player only really plays big hands, it makes it very easy to bluff the flop when there are no face cards.

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