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Are more 'Sharks' Found in Online Poker?

A 'shark' is the term for a highly skilled poker player, and one that usually wins. Sharks are renound for playing a well mixed game and is usually fairly aggressive in nature. Sharks usually prey on the fish, or less skilled poker players. To stay profitable, players should be trying to stay away from these players as they don't usually have many leaks in their game.

When we compare online poker and live games, both arenas have their sharks. Highly skilled players are probably more prevalent online as it is far easier to shop around and find the juicy loose games. As players come and go from a cash table for instance, good players online will drop off a table and find more profitable ones. This is trickier in live games as there aren't usually a raft of players at the stakes of choice in casinos. This usually means you are stuck with the table you are sat at, which ultimately reduces profitability.

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