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Is there More 'Semi Bluffing' in Online Poker?

'Bluffing' is an important part of the game in live poker games and in online poker. If we only ever won when we had the best hand, the pickings would be slim. A 'Semi Bluff' refers to a bluff in which a player has outs in which he could make a winning hand. On the semi bluff, a player is hoping that his opponent will fold to a bet, but if they don't, there is still the hope that they hit one of the cards they need to make their hand.

In contrast, a stone cold bluff is a bluff in which a player is pretty much completely banking on the other player(s) folding, as it's the only way they win the hand. This type of bluff is far riskier and means the betting player has no cards that could improve their hand. If you've ever watched a cash game or tournament on TV, you will notice that sometimes players have no chance of winning with the best hand, and have a 0% next to their name. In these situations, the only way they can win the hand is by getting their opponents to fold, a time when a stone cold bluff would potentially be seen.

Players definitely bluff more playing poker online. There is far more protection when you're not sat across from a player and have to face the stares when a bluff goes wrong. Players are therefore naturally more aggressive behind the safety of their PC screens.

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