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A 'raise' in poker is an action you will see in most hands - it is an integral part of the game. In any game, a player has four main actions on each hand. He can fold, call a bet, raise or re-raise. If a player folds, he throws his cards to the muck and waits for the next hand. A call is made when a player matches the highest bet made before the action gets to him. A raise is made when a player bets more than the big blind or previous bet made.

For example, the blinds are 500-1000 in a short handed game. Player A calls the big blind. Player B raises the pot to 3000, meaning that any player wanting to stay in the hand would need to at least match the 3000 (or could bet more). Raising puts more pressure on your opponents as it sets a new amount that must be met to stay in the hand. The bigger the raise, the more it costs players to stay in the hand.

A player would be said to re-raise when he raises the initial raise. In the example above, Player A calls the big blind, player B raises to 3000. A re-raise would see player C raising again up to a higher amount, say 6000. Raising any pot shows strength and confidence in a players hand. Just as a player is raising, doesn't mean they actually have a hand to match - that's the beauty of the game.

Remember, if a player raises and all other players fold, the player who raised would take down the pot without having to go to showdown (and show their hand).

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