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Rainbow - Poker

The term 'Rainbow' in poker terms refers to a board that is dealt that consists of completely different suits. In a game of Hold'em, if the flop was dealt As 5h 9d, this would be described as A-5-9 'rainbow' - or each suit is a different color, like the rainbow. In terms of possibilities, the fact that there is not two of one suit on the board means that no player can have any flush draws at this stage. They would need to hit two running suits to make a flush.

A rainbow flop can be great news if you have hit your set, have top pair or are all in pre flop. It means that there are less draws out there that could end out hitting. In the example above, A-5-9 is remote flush possibilities however their is a straight possibility so you need to be wary if a 6, 7 or 8 hits, as someone could have made a straight.

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