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'Qualifiers' to Online Poker Tournaments

A 'qualifier' in the online poker arena is a feeder tournament into a larger even and presents the chance to get into a bigger tournament for a fraction of the price. For instance players may have to get through a number of qualifying rounds before they get into a main event.

Let's assume that you are wanting to play in one of the European Poker Tour events. The buy into the main event is £5,500. The type of qualifier that you might find would be a £50+£5 feeder event in which a seat is awarded for every £5,500 in the prize pool. These feeders are often rebuy's to boost the prize fund. If there were 220 players in the event, there would be 2 seats guaranteed. Adding in the rebuy's and there could well be 3 or 4 seats up for grabs. Typically the cheaper the feeder, the more players there will be.

Sub-qualifiers exist which are feeder events into qualifiers which allow you to work your way up from next to nothing. Going this route, you will need to place very well in all the qualification events to win your seat. Another type of qualifier which is available are steps tournaments. These allow you to buy in to different levels and work your way up to the main prize. These are a great way to win your way into big events like the WSOP, WSOPE, WPT or EPT.

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