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'Quads' - Online Poker Hand

'Quads' is an abbreviated name for a community card game hand of four of a kind and is an absolute monster of a hand in poker. An example of this hand might be 8-8-8-8-K-2 In draw games, there are 5 cards to choose from so the odds of hitting four of a kind are 0.024% - 1. If we take Texas Hold'em, the odds go up a little, as there are 7 cards to select the best hand from (2 hole cards and 5 community cards) and you have a 0.15% chance of hitting quads.

Quads is often the lower threshold at online poker sites to pay out a bad beat jackpot. The odds are very much in their favor. Bad beat jackpots usually require a player to lose with Quad 8's or better. At these odds, you could be playing a long time before you even get the hand, never mind losing with it.

Remember - that the board would need to pair, for the hand to be possible.

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