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How Common are 'Pot Limit' Games in Online Poker?

'Pot limit' is a version of a game that involves a betting limit, in which a player can only max bet the size of the pot. If you are first to act and there is £20 in the pot, the maximum bet you can make is £20. If the pot is £50 and your opponent, who's first to act bets £25, you can only raise the pot to £75 (50+£25). In these scenarios, the player who bet would have already added to the pot, which is why the limit would be £75 and not £50.

This adds a little more protection to players, who invariably tend to chase cards more frequently (as it's cheaper to do so). Pot Limit Omaha is probably the most common of all the pot limit games, however this type of betting limit will never surpass no limit games, simply as it doesn't carry the same excitement.

If you are looking for pot limit games online - all good online poker sites will offer this variation. Whilst it isn't as popular as no limit games, there is still a huge amount of traffic in the pot limit variations of each of the big games offered online.

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