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Overcards in Poker

'Overcards' are the cards dealt to the board that are higher than your hole cards in a poker game. If you held 10-J in a standard game of Hold'em and the flop dealt A-K-3, there would be two overcards, the ace and king (as these are higher than your highest card - J). Overcards play an important part, especially when you have a piece of the flop, turn or river. If you hold 8-8 and the flop comes 2-5-6, your 8-8 would look fairly strong and you would certainly bet or raise, at least to find out where you are. Against a board of 7-K-Q, you would be up against two overcards and faced with a bet, you would not be confident that you were ahead (as any K or Q, which are both very playable, leaves you drawing to two of the last remaining 8's).

The lack of overcards on the board doesn't mean you have a hand that is ahead. More so, if there are limpers into the pot, there could well be players playing rag cards or a small pair that have connected with the board.

Take care here as by posting an initial raise, players expect face cards. When the flop is low, you could well see a raise to try to knock you off the hand.

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