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The 'Nuts' - Best Possible Poker Hand

The 'Nuts' is the best possible poker hand that can be made given the cards that are in play. When the community cards are dealt, players will be able to tell what the best possible hand could be, based on what has been dealt (the visible cards). This is important so that you know whether there are any cards out there that could make your opponent a better hand.

For instance, if the board was dealt held As Ks 4h 3d 10s, the best possible hand would be a Royal Flush, should a player hold the Js Qs in their hand. When determining what the nuts is, you need to consider what cards could be in a players hand, regardless of whether it is or not. Identifying what could be made from the missing cards will give you what the nuts will be.

Stone Cold Nuts

The very best hand possible is known as the stone cold nuts. This occurs when you make a hand that it is not possible to beat. For instance lets assume you hold 99 and the flop comes 10-J-Q rainbow. The nuts will be the missing AK to make the nut straight. If the turn and river both came 9 to give you quad 9's, you would have the best possible hand, or stone cold nuts.

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