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'NL' - No LImit

'NL' is the abbreviation for a No Limit game of poker. You will see this abbreviation used both in live games and in online poker. It refers to a game that does not have any betting caps (other than the minimum bet sizes) as to what a player can bet on any one hand. In a no limit game, a player can bet any or all of his chips when it's his turn to bet. This type of poker is the post popular of all betting types and is used in all main events across the poker calendar, including WPT events, the WSOP and the EPT.

You might ask why no limit games are so popular. The answer is that it is the most exciting to watch and to play, as dreams can be made and broken on the turn of a card. In capped games, you lose excitement as players can only bet a certain amount. Its the same logic that makes a high stakes poker game more fun to watch than a low stakes one.

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