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Maniac Players & Online Poker

A 'Maniac' is a very aggressive player who tends to play loose most of the time. These players give the impression of being crazy (or a maniac) and show little worry about losing. You will find a lot more maniacs playing online poker than in live play - largely as players can be who they want to be from the comfort of a computer screen. Not all of these players have what it takes to do the same in live games.

Played well, this can be a very difficult type of player to play against. They play a lot of hands, defend blinds very aggressively and bluff more than the average Joe. They like the bullying approach, which is why they tend to raise and re-raise lots of pots.

Whilst this can be a little unsettling to play against, playing a fairly tight game and waiting for your chances, is the best way to play this type of player. When you hit, leave them sufficient rope to hang themselves. Remember, they are no different from any other player who will miss more flops than they hit, so the fact that they are betting into most pots, tells you all about their playing ranges and levels of aggression.

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