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Limp Raising & Online Poker

A 'limp raise' occurs when a player limps into a pot to try and induce a raise and when the raise comes, a re-raises is made , giving the appearance that a player was sitting on a big hand. This is a fairly standard play and offers the same benefit and risk in checking a big hand. The risk is that you allow more players to potentially see a cheap flop, which increases the chances that your big hand will be overturned - if in fact there's a big hand there in the first place.

Additionally, the more players that are in the pot, the more incentive there is for players with connectors, small pairs or suited connectors to enter the pot all of which is risk against any monster holding. The benefit can be that you induce play that wouldn't otherwise have been there had you raised from the outset. The play is effective where you don't think your opponent has hit anything on the board - especially when they are prone to raising to passive play. This could be one of the only ways to get a bet or two out of them.

In the knowledge that players love to steal blinds, Limping in can be very effective, as can the limp raise.

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