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'Ladies' - Poker Starting Hand

'Ladies' is the name for the starting hand QQ and is the third best starting hand in Texas Hold'em. Seen as a very strong starting hand, it can be very difficult to get away from and the hand and regularly gets players into big trouble. It's one of those hands that can be a nightmare to play, mainly as it is so easily beaten by any King or Ace, two very playable cards.

The trouble players face is that big hands don't come around too frequently and when they do can be difficult to lay down - the same reason some players hate playing AA and KK - not because they aren't top starting hands, but because they are so difficult to play post flop.

You hold Qc Qs and decide to raise from late position. You get one caller who holds Ad 10s. The board comes Ac 2d 8h. You are in trouble and your queens will only win just under 9% of the time, as you would need to hit one of your remaining two Q's to win the hand. At this stage, you may post a continuation bet to see where you are however if your opponent stays with you, assume you are behind..

Be prepared to let this go, especially if there are over cards or the board pairs and you are up against aggressive opposition.

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