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'Kojack' - Online Poker Hand

Kojack' is the Texas Hold'em starting hand K-J and is considered a fairly strong starting hand from middle or late position. It is one of those hands that tends to get players into trouble, as although it is two face cards, it is easily beat by a lot of hands. For instance, if you match Kc Jd against Kh Qs, the Kind Jack is only going to win 22% of the time.

If you are going to play KJ, don't play it out of position and be prepared to throw it away, especially if an ace hits the board and you are faced with aggressive play. You also need to consider that any Jack that hits, could be out kicked by AJ and any King that hits could have you running in second place behind AK and QK. Remember AK and KQ are both, two very playable hands.

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