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'Improving' a Hand in Online Poker

'Improve' is the term used to describe an improvement in a players hand and is a term used in online poker and live games. If a player has a pair on the flop and on the turn makes 2 pair, he would be said to have 'improved' his hand. In order to improve, the cards dealt after the initial deal, need to contribute to making a better hand, or an improved hand. There will be three key reasons why a player would stay in a hand of poker. Firstly, if there is no betting, there is no need to fold. Secondly, a player might have a made hand already .i.e. the hand can't be improved. Thirdly, the player will have outs which are cards that could make him a better winning hand.

It is important to remember that whilst a players hand might improve at the turn of a card, it may also better an opponents holdings. Learning to read the board and watch out for scare cards, is essential in any poker game.

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