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Hole Cards in Online Poker

'Hole Cards' are the cards in live and online poker games that are dealt face down to players, each hand private to that player only. Other players do not see these cards. In a standard game of Hold'em, there are two cards in the initial deal - these are Hole Cards. They will be the first cards to be seen and will allow a player to make an initial decision based on those cards as to whether to get involved in the hand or not. Or course it's not a pre-requisite to have a good hand in poker - this is one of the factors that makes it such a great game.

Most players have a starting hand range that will change depending on many different factors (such as position at the table and level of blinds in a tournament). Good players play a wider range of hands from a late position and stick to premium starting hands from early and middle position (as there are more players to come who may have a bigger hand).

It was the hole card camera that brought the game of poker to life and turned it into a booming spectator sport. Historically, without knowing what players hole cards were, the game wasn't much fun to watch, as you wouldn't know what players were holding. In the present time, the hole card camera has allowed the viewing public to follow each hand in a cash game or tournament in both the online and live arenas.

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