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Hedge Bets & Online Poker

A 'Hedge Bet' is a bet that is made to limit the losses or to minimize the risk of losing a bet. Often when a bet is part way through and a player is winning a bet, he will place some hedge bets just to cover himself (also knowing as laying off) in the event that the bet turns south. Whilst this is certainly more common in live poker games, it also features in online poker.

The online equivalent is that players can choose to play games where the community cards are run twice to give a player some insurance. A number of sites also offer hedge betting options in the event of an all in.

A hedge Bet is usually made with another player on the outcome of a hand. In terms of the poker game itself, the rules don't change. When a player busts in a tournament or no limit game they are out (assume they can't rebuy), and a hedge bet wouldn't change that. It might offer some cash to continue in a cash game format. Any hedge bet made between two players would be between those two players only. You sometimes see this in a tournament when two players are all in late in a tournament. It is usually a bet with the favorite who will place a side bet with another player in case he loses. The other player or person on the rail (as is often the case) would bet that he wins the hand and the player would lay off the risk that he gets beat (meaning even if he gets beat, he has something, so limiting the loss).

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