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A 'Full House' in Online Poker

A 'Full House', otherwise known as a "Boat" or "Full Boat" is the 5 card online poker hand in which a players makes three of a kind and one pair in the same hand. An example of a Full House would be 8-8-2-2-2 and is considered a very strong hand, only beaten by quads, a Straight Flush and the Royal Flush. If two players have a full house, the player with the largest three card combination would win the hand. For instance, 8-8-(2-2-2) would be beaten by 8-8-(3-3-3).

It is also important to understand when the hand could be in someone's hand. For is to be made, the board needs to pair, in the same way that in Hold'em, four of a kind and trips are only possible when the board pairs.

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