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A Fish in Online Poker

'Fish' is the term used to describe a badly skilled poker player and playing poker online, you'll find millions of them. Players have other terms they like to use online such as 'donk' or 'NOOB'. You will frequently hear the term 'Fish' and 'Shark' in the online poker environment. A Shark is a skilled player who is difficult to beat, whereas a fish has no real skill and tends to lose against...well most players. In a game you will hear variations in which players will make comments like 'Fishy call' or 'Fishy bet'. The badly skilled player is often also called a Calling Station, a player who calls any old bet in the hope of catching miracle cards.

The term is branded around quite a lot - sometimes out of anger at the result of a hand. The naming conventions relate to the ocean, in which a shark is dominant against a fish.

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