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A Players 'Edge' - Online Poker

A player is said to have ''an edge' over another when they have an advantage over their opponents. This can be down to a number of factors however is more regularly due to a player having position over another. This is the position relative to the dealer. A player in late position would have an edge over a player in early, as they would have considerably more information available before deciding how to play any given hand.

An edge in online poker can also be gained through factors such as how many tables are being played. A player playing 10 tables is concentrating less on each table than the player who has only the one. Similarly a player with a large stack has an edge over a player with a short one.

The word 'Edge' is common in gambling circles. Take the casino game roulette. The house has an edge, statistically speaking, as they pay out 35-1 on a number when there are 36 numbers (the 35 numbers plus 0). Therefore statistically, they will come out ahead in the long run. The fact that Vegas is still in business is testament to this.

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