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A pair of 'Ducks'

'Ducks' is the name for the Hold'em starting hand 2-2. No awards for working out the name association..

It is however the worst possible pair that can be made and a hand that often needs to hit the set to be profitable. It's one of my pet hate hands and in the last few years have haven fallen foul busted out of the UKIPT Edinburgh and the 2011 and 2014 EPT main events with it. The best advice i can give is to play it cautiously. Get in cheap and if you hit your set, get your rewards, if you miss, fold to aggression and move onto the next hand (i am also paying attention to this advice).

The problem is that unless you hit one of the last remaining 2's, you will be up against over cards, so you really won't know where you are in the hand in the face of a bet. As soon as someone bets into you, assume you are behind and fold.

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