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Cut Off - Position in a Poker Hand

The 'Cut Off' is the best position to be in on any hand in poker, as this is the position that acts last (the player to the immediate right of the button). Unlike those that post the blinds, in early position, the person in the cut-off has the advantage of seeing what the rest of the players do before the action gets to him. This is a considerable positional advantage, and the reason that it is far more frequent to play much looser when the the action folds to you in the cut off. The only players left to act are those on the big and small blind and those blinds become a target for late raises, trying to pick them up.

Additionally, the fewer players there are left to act, the less likely that your bet will be raised. Betting in early position puts a player at the greatest disadvantage as players left to act have a bigger pot to try to steal, and there is generally more chances that you hand will be beaten (there are more cards = a greater chance your hand isn't best).

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