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C-Bet - Continuation Bet (Poker)

A 'C-Bet' or continuation bet in poker occurs where makes an initial raise pre flop and then continues to represent a strong hand with another bet when the flop is down. It is fairly standard play for players to c-bet irrespective of whether they have hit their hand, subject to the number of players that are in the hand. In a game of Hold'em, the best pre flop hand is only a pair, which isn't very high up the ranking of hands. Where a player has raised pre flop and had callers, the pot can very often be won making another bet on the flop. A player will c-bet in order to get everyone to fold or to keep the pot building - either as the hand is made, of there is sufficient scope to improve.

The beauty of poker lies with the fact that one doesn't need the best hand to win. As the true hand a player has is hidden from opponents, a player can represent a particular hand that he might not have. Just because someone bets in poker, doesn't mean they have what they are trying to get opponents to think they have!

So once the flop is down, the pre flop aggressor will regularly bet into the flop to try and represent that they have connected with the board. Poker is largely about what i like to refer to as 'story-boarding'. That simple means the things you do at the tables have to make sense. If you are are up against a right player who only really plays the top premium hands and he starts betting into a rag flop, a continuation bet could either be just that or he had a big pair. Similarly, checking if a player doesn't show any interest in the board and then posts a big bet on the river to win the pot - it is more than likely a Bluff.

If you are a tight player and an ace hits the board, it is going to make good sense to post a continuation bet as it will be far more believable. The story fits. On the occasion you connect you will be wanting to extract as much as you can from your opponent. These are the times you need to decide whether to c-bet or check to your opponent in the hope you extract a bet or two that wouldn't have otherwise have come.

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