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Playing 'Connectors' in Poker

'Connectors' refer to a pre flop starting hand in Texas Hold'em, in which both cards are in numerical sequence. Some examples of connectors would be starting hands like 4-5, 7-8, 10-J or any other combination that have cards running in numerical sequence. Where these cards are the same suit, they are known as suited connectors, and provide more chance of hitting a flush (however being suited doesn't add that much, so shouldn't be overplayed).

The value in getting dealt connectors comes with the additional possibilities of making a straight that it offers. This would increase the number of outs that a player would potentially have. It very often looks more profitable than it is to play them. Very often you will be needing cards on the turn or river to make the hand, which means committing money to the pot to chase hands. Suited connectors only increase your chances of winning very slightly. If you held 4Club 5Heart and were up against a hand like A-K off, you are only winning 37% of the time.

Connectors can be valuable when you can get in cheap to see the flop, even more so when there is a lot of limpers into the pot. The value comes when you connect and make your straight, as the hand is often well disguised.

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