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Black Jack (Poker)

Blackjack the casino game is the game we have all come to love however it has a different meaning in the context of poker, It refers to the Texas Hold'em starting hand AJ, which is also known as Ajax, and is considered a premium starting hand. A-J is a strong starting hand from mid to late position however not so strong from any position where there is a decent sized raise or re-raise from an opponent before you. Whilst the hand represents good potential, it is one of those hands that can be a real pain in the ass.

The problem with continuing against significant aggression occurs when you hit an ace, as it is difficult to fold against a dominant AK or AQ. A-K and A-Q are two of the top playable hands so running into these hands, in particular when the ace hits the board, can be very costly. For this reason, you should be aggressive with the hand where the action folds or checks round to you however might be worth letting it go when faced with a big raise or re-raise before you - especially from early position.

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