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Big Slick (Poker)

'Big Slick' is the term used for the starting hand A-K, and is considered one of the premium Hold'em starting hands. This is strange considering a 2-2 isn't and statistically has more chance of beating an A-K heads up. The value gained from being dealt an A-K comes with the power of the kicker (the king). If the Ace hits the board, the kicker is as strong as it gets (short of having aces!) and where the King hits, it has the best kicker available. This provides additional security on the flop when these cards pair, as any opponent who also pairs, will be 'out-kicked'.

On the flip side, Ace King is also a hand that can get you into a lot of trouble and is one of the hands that is continuously overvalued, especially in tournament play. As strong as it is, it is still a marginal dog to any pair. Play with care.

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