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Beer Hand (Poker)

A 'Beer Hand' is the highly impressive 7-2 off suit. It is the worst possible Hold'em starting hand - bad enough that the assumption is that you would need to be drunk to be playing it with any real aspirations. It is also a hand that lots of top players like to win hands with - they see it as a challenge! Historically it was seen as a hand that you should buy everyone a beer when you take down a pot with it. Ok granted, a little difficult to do online however it's still worth knowing the name and it's origins.

The reason it's the worst hand, statistically, is that it presents the fewest opportunities to improve.

If we consider a hand like 6-2, there are straight opportunities on either side of the 2 (A and 3) as well as the chance of hitting any 6, 2 or flush. A 7-2 removes the possibility of a straight (unless the board deals) and the off suit reduces the chances further of hitting a flush. If two players hit a 7, you would have the worst pair, as your opponents kicker has to be greater than a deuce. All in all, fighting spirit and bravery often lead to a red face. Best wait for a better hand, which shouldn't take you too long.

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