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Aquarium - Online Poker

The term 'aquarium' isn't one that you hear very often playing poker online however is one that is probably more prevalent in the online world. Weak, wasteful players are known as 'fish' in the poker world. These players are generally low skilled players; player that are not difficult to beat. An aquarium is a poker room that has an abundance of these low skilled players.

You might wonder what the appeal would be with a poker room that attracts lots of bad players. Poker isn't like other sports in some regards as these low skilled players drive up the profits of the skilled. Online, players want to make money - easy money is always the preference. The objective isn't to play the best players online to prove yourself, although this will be the aim of a few - usually those that have plenty of money. The objective for most is to make as much money as possible minimizing the risk in the process.

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