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American Airlines is a name you will hear from time to time playing online poker. It is the name given to the pre flop Texas Hold'em starting hand AA, also known as Bullets, Aces and Pocket Rockets. In Hold'em this is the strongest two card starting hand that any player can be dealt, which also contributes to newer players finding it difficult to fold post flop.

You may find it odd that there are players out there that say that this is the one hand they hate playing. Many players have said when asked what their worst starting hand is - you might be surprised that many players said it was two aces. Seems strange, but you can understand the logic. In essence, it is such a strong starting hand and is so easily over-turned, it's considerably more difficult to get away from - to find the point that it is behind and lay the hand down. Unfortunately that's what you need to do at times. Most players automatically expect to win however it is only a pair. It is also more tricky to improve as you need to likely hit one of the last two remaining aces to improve - unless of course you hit the nut flush or a straight.

Whilst most flops will look second best to a pair of aces, players hitting straights, two pair or their trips have a beautifully disguised hand - the reason why being dealt bullets can dish out a monumental kick in the ass. Still, i would rather be dealt Aces and take my changes but maybe that's just me.

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